Core Collaborators

Doug Blandy

Dr. Doug Blandy
University of Oregon School of Planning, Public Policy and Management
Folklore and Public Culture

Dr. Blandy is Professor Emeritus and a highly-regarded community arts and folklife and public culture scholar.

Zoe Flanagan

Zoe Flanagan
Research and Program Evaluation

Zoe Flanagan is a program evaluator and researcher specializing in community-based and participatory methods including developmental evaluation and surveys. Over the past 15 years her work has been dedicated to collaborating with and providing support to underserved communities both in Oregon and abroad.

Ethan Selzer

Dr. Patrick S. Föhl
Netzwerk Kulturberatung

Dr. Föhl is founder and director of Netzwerk Kulturberatung, the Network for Cultural Consulting in Berlin, Germany. For more then ten years he has been dealing with issues of transformative and concept-based cultural development.

Guadalupe Guajardo

Dr. Guadalupe Guajardo
LACE – Latina Associates for Collaborative Engagement

Dr. Guadalupe Guajardo has spent more than 40 years as a bilingual and bicultural consultant for nonprofit organizations working with marginalized communities. A tireless change agent, activist, coach, and friend, she is a member of the religious order of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and a recipient of a Women of Achievement Award by the Oregon Commission for Women.

Rudy Guglielmo

Rudy Guglielmo
Guglielmo Consulting

Rudy Guglielmo is Principal at Guglielmo Consulting. He and Bill have been colleagues for many years and work especially in areas of community cultural development, facilitation and planning. They share strong experience and interest in working across cultures.

Liz Hill

Liz Hill
Liz Hill Public Relations, LLC

Liz Hill Public Relations specializes in the communications, marketing and fundraising needs of Native America. Liz has more than 30 years of experience working with Indigenous nations and non-profit organizations. Liz and Bill collaborate on strategic planning projects, particularly for museums and cultural centers.

George Thorn

PARC Resources
Bend and Weston, Oregon

PARC Resources “turns dreams into resources for rural areas, small communities, non-profits, small businesses, and tribes.”

George Thorn

George Thorn
Arts Action Research

George Thorn is a founding associate and the West Coast representative for Arts Action Research. He is also lead of the Regional Arts and Culture Council’s organizational and board leadership programs.